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10 Breathing Techniques

If you’re interested in trying breathing exercises to reduce stress or anxiety, or improve your lung function, we’ve got 10 different ones to sample. You may find that certain exercises appeal to you right away. Start with those so that the practice is more enjoyable. How to add breathing exercises to your day Breathing exercises […]

Careers Advice: 7 Effective Tips To Give Your Career A Boost

If you want to move up the corporate ladder you need a career plan. You need to build one instead of simply landing jobs one after another. A career is the sum of all the knowledge, skills, and network you’ve gained from your education, training, previous jobs or positions. Are you building up these layers […]

How to Relieve Job Stress After Work

Many of us take our jobs home with us without realizing it. Work may be stressful, but when we’re supposed to be relaxing—from the minute we walk out of the office until the next morning when we come back—we often let job stress seep in instead of making the most of our non-work lives. There are many reasons […]

Post-Work Meditation to De-stress and Let Go of the Busy Day

Raise your hand if you’ve ever brought your work home with you—whether literally or figuratively. I can guess that most readers have their hands held high, because it’s not easy to leave work stress at the workplace. But it can be dangerous to take it with you. Stress is harmful enough when you have to […]

10 Beyond Simple Ways to Boost Your Career Right Now

You want to succeed in your job? You don’t have tons of time for developmental seminars and you don’t want to wait until the boss retires to get that promotion. Instead here are 10 easy things that will help your career today. 1. Stop worrying about your co-workers. Jane comes in late. Steve slacks off. Holly’s presentations […]

10 Ways To Relax After A Hard Day’s Work

1. Yoga  Yoga is an amazing way for you to practice relaxation and meditation. By adopting specific body postures, and through controlled breathing. This discipline allows you to attain unwind, especially after work from the stress you have just endured. It is a form of exercise as well as relaxation. It is indeed good for […]


Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. But many meditation techniques exist — so how do you learn how to meditate? “In Buddhist tradition, the word ‘meditation’ is equivalent to a word like ‘sports’ in the U.S. It’s a family of […]